Why Your New Year’s Resolutions Suck


Here’s the thing, I’m sure you came up with a great list of resolutions this year and I’m sure you are 100% convinced you will achieve them. If I’m honest, I think every time I’ve made a list it’s been more hopeful than certain that I will actually do whatever is on it. And don’t […]

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The Best Drugstore Beauty Products


Ok ok ok I get it. Spending a lot of money on makeup just isn’t an option some times. I’ve been there trust me. But there are also times when I just think it makes more sense to buy drugstore makeup. Like when it comes to mascara, or a bronzer that I’m going to slather […]

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All the Best Beauty Products


You asked and you shall receive: my go to makeup products. FYI, I am by NO MEANS a beauty guru. I could not teach you how to do your eyeshadow perfectly or a winged eyeliner (can someone please help me?) BUT, I thought it would be worth sharing, one normal gal to the next, about […]

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Our Wedding


No matter what I seem to post on here, the post of Clint and my story is always still the number one most read. I actually kind of love that. And so because I haven’t really written about more details of our story, I wanted to do a post about our wedding! I realized I […]

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